TMS & Austin Chalk - Gulf Coast

​Sunrise is currently focused on exploring and acquiring leasehold in the burgeoning TMS & Austin Chalk Play along the Gulf Coast. Industry stalwarts are applying modern well design, horizontal drilling, and staged completion technologies to this play with impressive results that generate “Super Hog” producers. Coined by IHS Markit, a Super Hog is defined as a horizontal well with peak monthly oil production above 1,600 BOPD, which generate some of the best economics in the country. 

Sunniland - South Florida

The Cretaceous Sunniland limestone is a self-contained source and reservoir system that is sandwiched between two salt layers. The Sunniland is divided into two zones, an Upper (reservoir) and Lower (source). Fourteen structural closures within the Upper Sunniland produced 120 million barrels of oil from subaerially-induced porosity zones that are all full to spill point. The organic-rich “Lower Sunniland Shale” is the geochemically-fingerprinted source rock of the entire 120 million barrels of Upper Sunniland production

Since 1945, the upper Sunniland has produced 120 million barrels of oil since 1945 in South Florida from conventional 3 and 4-way closures that all filled to the spill point of their structural traps. Sunrise conducted extensive geochemical experiments to identify the source rock that filled these structures, and then leased 185,000+ acres prospective for both zones. Currently, Sunrise and its partners are conducting seismic operations across our acreage position to identify bypassed conventional targets that we will stack with source rock objectives.

To date, modern drilling and completion techniques have not been applied to the source rock formation and we believe there is a tremendous untapped unconventional resource play underlying the old fields.

Other Projects

In-house geologists are continually scouring the country for new areas to apply modern drilling and completion technologies to unlock new hydrocarbon plays to provide reliable access to domestic oil and gas reserves, which in turn reduces the United States' dependence on foreign oil.