Founded in 2009 by Brandt Temple, the Sunrise business model is centered around acquiring leases and minerals ahead of the curve based on geology, geophysics, and timely scout information. We pride ourselves in taking early-stage risk, and this exploration philosophy naturally lends itself to developing meaningful relationships with the people and companies we acquire oil and gas rights from. Treating these people as partners produces an exciting dynamic where we work together to solve problems and ensure that oil and gas are developed in a safe, timely manner.

Our Mission


Organic acquisition of early-stage oil and gas repeatable resource plays: TMS, Austin Chalk, STACK, Meramec, Woodford, Utica, Marcellus, Sunniland, Cumnock, Lockatong, Chainman, Fayetteville, Trenton Black River

Since 2009, principals at Sunrise have acquired oil and gas rights covering 550,000+ acres in some of the most prolific basins in the country. Drilling and development are occurring on this acreage in the following resource plays: Marcellus, Utica, STACK, Meramec, Woodford, Sunniland, TMS and Austin Chalk

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